Gerry Ledford is the author of over 100 publications, including 10 books and monographs, and has made dozens of presentations to professional organizations. The lists below focus on works in the past five years. For a list or hard copies of older publications or presentations, please contact us. Click on a link below to read the full article or presentation.

Recent Coverage of LCN in the Media

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      Reprinted in Human Resource Executive (print edition), October 2, 2011, August 8, 2011, August 4, 2011, August 3, 2011
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Recent Presentations

Ledford, G. (2012, May). Rethinking employee engagement: Finding ROI and Avoiding Pitfalls. WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference, Orlando

Ledford, G. & Heneman, H. (2012, April). Writing for practitioners. Panel, SIOP-SHRM collaboration: I-O nuggets for HR professionals. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, San Diego

Ledford, G. (2012, February). How employee engagement can pay off, and why it often doesn’t. TLNT Transform Conference, Austin

Ledford, G. & Haines, T. (2011, September). Designing Employee Performance Reward Programs That Support Lean Initiatives. Webinar sponsored by Halogen Software, September 13, 2011. Listen to the Audio | Download the PDF

Ledford, G. (2011, May). Session chair and organizer, Managing incentive from the corporate level, WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference, San Diego  Listen to the Audio | Download the PDF

Ledford, G. (2009, June). Session chair and organizer, Rethinking rewards for lean systems, WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference, Seattle

Ledford, G. (2008, July 31). Pay it forward for results: The ROI of skill-based pay, Human Capital Institute Webinar

Ledford, G. (2007, May). Session chair and organizer, Compensation conundrums in not-for-profit organizations, WorldatWork Annual Conference, Orlando

Ledford, G. (2006, January). Generational differences: Myth or reality? Presentation to the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, Irvine, CA

Recent Publications

Ledford, G. & Allen, J.L. (2012). Managing unit incentives from the corporate level. WorldatWork Journal, 21(2), 8-21. 

Ledford, G. (2012). Seven drivers for performance-driven engagement. Industry Week, March 27, 2012. 

Ledford, G. (2012).  Do monetary rewards reinforce lean systems? Industry Week, March 13, 2012. 

Ledford, G. (2012).  Do professional HR certifications really help job seekers?  TLNT, January 27, 2012. 

Ledford, G.E. Jr. (2011).  Make or buy:  Addressing the digital manufacturing labor shortage.  Digital Manufacturing Report, August 31, 2011.

Ledford, G.E. Jr. (2011).  Addressing the digital manufacturing labor shortage:  Addressing the labor supply.  Digital Manufacturing Report, August 22, 2011.

Ledford, G.E. Jr. & Heneman, H.G. III. (2011). Skill Based Pay. SIOP Science Series. Alexandria, VA: Society for Human Resource Management.

Ledford, G.E. Jr. (2011). Fostering Employee Involvement and Engagement through Compensation and Benefits. In Lance A. Berger and Dorothy R. Berger (Eds.), The Talent Management Handbook (2nd ed.). New York:  McGraw-Hill.

Grawitch, M.J., Ledford, G., & Ballard, D. (2009). Leading the healthy workplace: The integral role of employee involvement. Journal of Consulting Psychology, 61(2), 122-135.

Ledford, G., Heneman, R.L., & Salimäki, Aimo. (2008). Skill, knowledge, and competency pay. In Lance A. Berger and Dorothy R. Berger (Eds.), The Compensation Handbook (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill (pp.143-158).

Ledford, G. (2008). Factors Affecting the Long-term Success of Skill-based Pay. WorldatWork Journal, 17(1), 6-17.

Ledford, G. (2007). Let’s buy the conclusions, but not the analysis. Human Resource Planning, 30(4), 12.

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